yandex fork development
As FORK SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC. we are proud to offer customized solutions to our customers. Our work is shaped by the specific demands and requests of our customers. However, unfortunately, we are unable to share detailed information as we respect the privacy of our projects and customer anonymity principles.

FORK SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC. operates as a software development company that provides customized and effective solutions to our customers. Our experienced team has accomplished successful projects in many areas from token projects to Soft Stake MLM Mining, from Trade Platforms to Bidding Platforms.

Management of Token Projects

Among our projects, especially the management of token projects has an important place. In this context, we successfully manage token economy details, whitepaper writing, smart contract development, pre-sale platform creation, token distribution. In order to respond to the specific needs of our clients, we are proud to offer customized solutions at critical stages such as ICO (pre-sale platform).

Soft Stake MLM Mining

In the Soft Stake MLM Mining concept, we have developed a system where we combine users' assets and share mining revenues. In addition, the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) reference system is integrated in this system.

Trade Platform

In our Trade Platform project, we offer users the opportunity to become traders or follow traders (copy trade). In this way, users can follow their trades and earn income through their own accounts.

Bid (Auction) Platform

In our Bidding Platform project, we have successfully developed a blockchain-based lottery system where the highest bidder wins a prize using an elimination algorithm.

Payment Platforms

In Payment Platforms, we offer a wide range of solutions from smart contract payment authorization to customer management.

The projects we have developed on different blockchain networks include Avax C-Chain, BSC, Ethereum and Tron. You can contact us to take a look at the details of our projects and learn more.